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Top tips to take care of your Engagement Ring

Many women are not very habitual to wear any type of jewellery on a daily basis and especially engagement rings. God forbid, something happens to your expensive and most loved piece of jewellery because of your carelessness!

You know that you’ve gone through months, maybe years, longing for the ideal marriage ring. Since it’s a perpetual metal on your left hand, you’ll need to vouch that it stays gleaming and shimmering for your whole life. Those who wear their engagement rings always wonder should they wear them while showering or while sleeping and can be cleaned by rubbing a wet cloth? Truth be told, these are genuine questions and feeling clueless is normal. When we take proper care of our engagement rings, they last longer.

To solve all such issues, our experts have talked about some of the best tips to take care of your Engagement Ring.

Try to clean your ring more often

Daily errands like – laundry, shopping, office work and driving in pollution can build up dirt and oil on your engagement ring. It makes the diamond, gold, silver and other types of precious metal lose their original colour and what’s the point of wearing it dirty?

Put a mild detergent in the cup of warm water and drop the ring into the mixture for a few minutes (say 5 mins) then take a piece of cotton cloth and start rubbing the dirt gently from the ring and dry it with another cotton cloth. Don’t do all these things in the sink.

Give it for polishing

When your ring metal continuously meets water, oil, and moisture (even your sweating), it can lose its original colour. White Gold, Yellow Gold, Silver and Platinum need polishing at least one time a year to remove the excessive dirt. You won’t have to pay a lot of money for this procedure, many jewellers will do that for free.

Rhodium Plating Method

You know everybody faces this issue when their white gold ring begins to dull and a yellow tint starts to radiate through. This is common regardless of what care you give your ring.

White gold’s unique sheen can be handily reestablished through a method called Rhodium plating. Not just Rhodium will bring back the sparkle of your ring that you became hopelessly enamoured with, however, Rhodium plating can likewise make precious stones like – diamonds sparkle more glorious. Ideally, you should take your ring for rhodium plating every 6 months or a year.

Take it off when necessary

People always make the mistake of forgetting to slip their ring off before washing their hands, exercising, playing outdoor sports, or taking a bath. Also, it is important to slip in the ring again after the work is done. While swimming our fingers get shrunk and there are high chances of losing the ring in the pool. While playing an outdoor sport the stones can pop out and get lost somewhere.

Get insurance for your jewellery

When the jewellery is expensive and you have to wear it daily, you must buy insurance for its safety. In worst scenarios, suppose it gets stolen or destroyed due to unknown reasons, you can at least get some of your money back.

Don’t resize it after two times

It is normal to see swollen fingers during pregnancy and postpartum, but resizing your engagement ring, for this reason, is totally unjustifiable. You can store it in a safe place and wear it again after everything becomes normal. When we constantly resize our rings, we indirectly make the metal of the ring fragile and in the long-term, it can be easily damaged.

Try not to remove your ring at public places

It is necessary to remove the ring when doing an activity through which you can harm and lose your ring. While using the public bathroom, don’t remove the ring, else it can be stolen or worse slip down the drain.

A “Back-up” Ring

An undeniably mainstream choice is the usage of a “backup ring.” This is another ring that may not be as significant – financially or inwardly – and can be worn all the more consistently without its concern of getting lost.

Numerous jewellery shops sell customised wedding rings that look basically the same as genuine engagement rings. For a few, choosing another ring is totally worth the extra cost to abstain from putting the genuine ring in danger.

To conclude:

Somebody’s wedding ring is without a doubt a most valued belonging. Due to sentimental value and prices, the engagement ring is certainly worth ensuring. Protecting the ring is fundamental for keeping up its perfection and life span. You must use appropriate strategies and tactics to ensure that the gemstone or jewellery is safe and the same.

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