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Top tips on buying a Solitaire

Do we need an occasion or event to wear solitaire jewellery? Not at all, solitaire jewellery can be worn anytime and anywhere. It represents the excellence of a single gemstone encrusted on any piece of jewellery. For quite a long time, solitaire precious stone rings are famous among the love birds to represent their affection for their better half. However, picking a solitaire is more difficult than one might expect. When you are not cautious enough, you may wind up purchasing a phoney stone.

Some people find it difficult to buy solitaire jewellery. For this reason, we have shared some tips to pick the best solitaire jewellery online or from the store without any confusion.

Things to keep in mind!

Exquisite and such shimmering jewellery can add a bit of brilliance to your look. When picking the best solitaire jewellery for your partner as well as loved ones, it’s imperative to zero in on the highlights and the quality of the stone. The solitaire’s quality, so far as that is concerned any diamond stone, is surveyed at four distinct factors.

You need to understand that there are multiple factors affecting the quality of the diamond stone. Consider the below-mentioned factors:


A diamond comes with various internal and external impurities which affect its clarity. This clarity determines the value of that diamond. Sometimes, such impurities can not be seen by the naked eye. So, whenever you’ll buy a solitaire, make sure to get one with a high clarity grade as it implies low impurities. People with less budget can also buy diamond solitaire jewellery with invisible impurities.


The cut in a diamond is very important to consider while buying solitaire jewellery. It can be emerald cut, pear cut, oval cut, cushion cut, and the princess cut. The more finished the cut will be, the better the jewellery will be. A few cuts, similar to the Round Brilliant, give the diamond more shimmer and splendour look than others. Moreover, certain different cuts, for example, the Marquise and Oval make a stone look a lot bigger than it really is. You need to think about every one of these elements while buying your solitaire jewellery.


Here the concentration will be on weight. You should know that 1 Carat = 1.5gm. Remember that the carat no affects the excellence of the diamond, though it can incredibly decide its cost. Additionally, two stones of equivalent carat weight can vary much in their value. It is not always true that heavy diamonds are expensive, there are colour, cut, and clarity factors that affect the price.


Diamonds come from nature means their colour is not specified. Mostly, people prefer colourless diamonds in their solitaire jewellery. Diamonds that have a hint of yellow look great with 22k gold jewellery and diamonds that are colourless look amazing with any type. When you are searching for an excellent quality stone, choose one that is colourless.

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) classifies diamonds on a scale of D (being the colourless) to Z (slight yellow tone). These D-Z precious stones are viewed as white, despite the fact that they contain fluctuating levels of shading. True extravagant coloured precious diamond stones (like yellows, pinks, and blues) are evaluated on a different scale.

Don’t make these mistakes!

  • Remember that the brand you’re buying your solitaire jewellery from plays an essential part in all this. Check reviews and ratings and buy only from those brands that have won the hearts of their customers.
  • Proper research about the cut, clarity, colour and carat of diamond and other jewellery is important prior to buying.
  • While reviews and ratings set the trust base, certificate and documents of jewellery bring clarity to the mind. At Amolya, we provide our customers with BIS hallmarked and ISI certified jewellery.
  • You must contact an expert while buying expensive solitaire jewellery as there are many frauds sitting in the market.


In the past few years, there has been a great increment in the use of solitaire precious stones as wedding jewellery, office and other events, even jewellery designers and sellers have started to think of new creative ideas of design.

You can even look for a few current and stylish solitaire jewellery on Amolya according to your spending plan and diamond stone taste. We have concocted this manual to help you get solitaire jewellery for your accomplice without tension. If you want to get expert advice for any queries related to solitaire jewellery. Feel free to get in touch with our experts at:


Phone number: 959-999-9342

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