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How to pick the perfect type of diamond ring for a certain type of girl?

Choosing a diamond ring that you love and can live forever can be simple, not stressful. After all, this is the most precious and biggest piece of jewellery that you will be buying for your girl and years from now, this will stand the test of time. Apart from the cute factor, diamond rings must also meet the approval of your girl and fit into your budget- so much work! Phew!

So, here is a quick guide to help you pick the perfect type of diamond ring and you’ll know exactly what to do.

We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend but do we know which one is that exactly?

You just have to pick minute details about your girl’s favorite stuff like her wardrobe, jewelry and other accessories. You can jot down the ideas in a book. Watch for the patterns in her like if she is fashionable, or she just likes to keep it simple and minimal. Is she a fan of vintage stuff or is she an emotional person? Once you know her style, choosing the ring becomes easy.

Every diamond is unique and so is every girl. So, how do you know which cut she would like because when you walk through the door at the diamond store you’ll be bombarded with endless diamond cuts ranging from princess cut to emerald cut, heart shaped, cushioned, radiant, tiffany, round and the list goes on. But do you know, each cut suits a different type of personality!

Fret not! We are here to help you.

The type of girl: Classic

If your girl is someone who appreciates timeless and classic pieces. Also, she doesn’t like over the top things and is the most happy with chic and classy styles. She doesn’t take much time to get dressed up. In fact, she is just the kind whom you don’t have to worry about when introducing to your parents. She opts for simple and minimalistic clothes.

The type of diamond: Round

Round diamonds have 58 facets, which allows light to bounce up from the bottom to the top, causing them to dazzle more than other diamonds. Round shape is the most preferred choice. The shape is classic just like your lady. It does have a wow factor without being too overwhelming.

Type of girl: Stylish

Your Girl loves everything stylish. She is flirty and fun. If your girl loves fashionable stuff and is passionate about everything then the princess cut is what she will adore.

The type of diamond: Princess cut

Princess cut was introduced in the early 60s. Princess cut is still the trendiest ring to have. It is a great choice among the trend setters and fashionistas.

Type of girl: Glamorous

If your girl is a big fan of Bollywood and Hollywood then this diamond is for her. Unlike a traditional diamond, the emerald should be worn by a woman who can pull it off – someone with class, allure, and sex appeal juts like Elizeth taylor and Grace Kely who wore emerald diamond rings on their enegmenet. Your girl is always dressed in the latest fashion and stays up to date with current fashion trends.

The type of diamond: Emerald

The Emerald was designed during the Art Deco era and features long, glitzy lines. The large table (flat area on top) of this design highlights the rock’s clarity better than any other shape.

Type of girl: Vintage

Is your girl a big fan of vintage? Does she have a wardrobe filled with vintage shoes and vintage dresses? Does she gravitate towards antique furniture? If yes, then the Asscher cut is the perfect fit for her.

The type of diamond: Asscher

Asscer cut is the most dramatic and striking piece of cut. The Assher form was popular in the 1930s and has recently resurfaced due to the current fashion preoccupation with antique and vintage forms.

Type of girl: Romantic

If your woman likes romance, the Cushion cut diamond is the one for her, as it harkens back to a time when passion and elegance reigned supreme. This is the cut for her if she likes men in breeches, tears at soppy movies, and wants to be swept off her feet.

The type of diamond: Cushion cut

Cushion cut is also called pillow cut. It is shaped as a rectangle with rounded corners and has large facets to increase its brilliance. It gives a vintage feel.

Type of girl: Emotional

If your girl is emotional and romantic and is the one who will burst into tears when you propose one in front of her then a heart shaped is the most suitable for her. She is a person who is thoughtful and looks for the meaning behind everything.

The type of diamond: Heart

A heart shaped diamond ring is an obvious symbol of love and care. A heart is a symbol of love and romance.

We understand choosing the ring can be hard, but remember you don’t pick the ring, the ring picks you. It may sound filmy but when you see the ring, you know it’s the one just like how you knew your girl is the one for you. Congratulations!


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