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How Small Diamond Engagement Rings Can Still Make A Statement

Umm.. Okay! This might mean a little shallow and materialistic- but we accept guilty as charged. Most of the minds may have come across a question of how one can make their diamond engagement ring make a statement or to make the stone appear a slightly larger than it is!

There is nothing wrong admitting that you would want everyone to ask about that diamond ring or make heads turn. Few best things can help make a statement even if the ring has a small diamond at the center.

Gone are the days when one was concerned about how big their diamond stone is. Millennials these days do not dream of a giant ring, perhaps, people nowadays often opt for comfort and practicality because they have to wear their rings on a regular basis. Yeah, it’s true!

Modern and millineist brides often ask for simple and smaller designs with tiny stone to easily style it. It also doesn’t burn holes in the pocket compared to the flashier ones.

No wonder, small diamond rings may not grab the attention initially when people are flaunting their gigantic diamond rings. But what makes them different is, the larger stone rings have limited opportunities to add elements compared to smaller diamond rings. With smaller rings, one can surely add multiple gemstones rings or different metals.

Hence, by making little to no change, you can still make heads turn even if you are a small diamond ring. Let’s see how:


The Halo Setting:

The halo setting is the best way to highlight your center stone. It involves surrounding the stone with smaller pave diamonds which looks immensely beautiful and also makes the stone look larger. It is super trending and the beautiful setting will make your engagement ring look timeless and classic.

Tall settings:

Have you seen the Eiffel Tower ring? No No, it is not the Eiffel Tower made of a diamond but a diamond ring at a higher height above the metal band that makes the stone look larger. The small diamond ring can be kept well above the regular height to make a statement.

Use slender prongs:

Prongs are the tiny metals class that hold your diamond in place. The more invisible and slender the prongs are, the more diamond surface is visible giving a statement look.

Consider the shape:

To make a statement, the same carat size, you can exchange the round shape diamond ring for a fancy cut such as an emerald or marquise or a heart or a pear cut to make it stand out of the crowd. Shapes that have longer axes will give you a larger surface to work with.

Use illusion settings if you don’t have a solitaire ring:

Maybe due to price constraints, your partner was not able to afford a solitaire diamond ring. That’s not a problem! You can go for an illusion or a cluster setting which bunches up different diamonds together on a mirrored base. It gives the effect of a larger diamond while the reality is that they are smaller diamonds bunched together.

Get a slim band:

You can accessorise your smaller diamond engagement ring with other jewelry ring bands for optical illusion. This will make the ring appear larger without having to put extra effort and will enhance the overall look. Small diamond rings can be stacked with different plain metals to add style that gives a powerful and individual statement.

Get a bright, white metal and as opposed to gold:

You may use a bright, white metal to reflect the diamond giving it an illusion of a larger size. If you have a good quality stone- it automatically makes a statement because of its sparkle that it carries rather than a low quality large diamond. When you choose a small yet a high quality stone, your ring can shine miles away irrespective of the size.

You can give a unique and fancy cut to your small diamond ring. You can even pair it up with stackable rings . A different metal such as a white, bright metal can give  a jaw-dropping look.

Above everything, a diamond engagement ring, whether big or small, gifted by your partner is beautiful no matter what!

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