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A Guide to Choosing Couple’s Rings

Love is a special bond that is irreplaceable. When you want to express your love to your beau consider doing it in a unique way possible. The best way to do it is through exchanging couple rings. Now, you must be wondering why not engagement rings! Well, they are both different from each other. Couple rings are the journey between dating and engagement. It shows commitment to one another. A couple‘s ring is a symbol of love, care and devotion to one another.

Did You know? In South Korea, couples often choose to wear couple rings after 100 days of being together as a symbol of their relationship commitment and love for their partner.

How does an engagement ring differ from a couple ring?

Couple rings are a modern concept to celebrate their relationship and express love for each other. On the other hand, an engagement ring is followed by a couple ring to promise marriage and eternal love.

There is no doubt that engagement rings are quite an investment! There is a lot of pressure on guys looking to woo their beau by buying the perfect ring. The same way, buying a couple ring is not a cakewalk- it need not be an expensive one but it is the same as buying an engagement ring.

Here is the guide to help you choose the perfect ring for every budget to make things easier for you both! It is important to decide your budget because diamonds come in every budget.

Before you start shopping for your couple ring, the most important thing to know beforehand are the 4cs of diamond- Clarity, Color, Carat weight and the Cut.  Couple’s ring comes in many shapes and sizes. Choosing a diamond ring depends on the budget.


Cut is the shape of the diamond. Probably, when we talk about a diamond ring- a scintillating, well-rounded shape comes to your mind. But diamonds are not just limited to round and square shape. They come in different shapes such as princess cut, emerald cut, asscher cut, cushion cut, heart shaped and many more. Well fancy shapes such as emerald, princess, Oval and cushion shaped diamonds are generally less expensive compared to a round cut diamond with the same carat weight.

The above image will give you a clear idea on choosing the right couple ring that defines your partner’s personality.


Clarity refers to the transparency of the diamond. It ranges from flawless (loupe clean) IF (internally flawless) which is the most expensive to P3 or I3, which has imperfections that are visible even without using a microscope. You will find VVS1 and VS2 clarity- these are the most common ones that are found at stores. In India, the trend is that in Delhi S1 clarity is what is sold the most and in Chennai, you have IF to VVS that is preferred.

The ring also comes with different clarity ranging from FL, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2 to SI1 and I3.

  • FL, IF:

            The clarity here is internally flawless.

  • VVS1, VVS2:

            Here, it is very very slightly included.

  • VS2 and VS1:

            Very Slightly included

  • SI1, SI2, SI3:

            Slightly included

  • I1, I2, I3:



It’s not just these sizes, diamonds can go bigger or smaller than this also. Cents are units of measure, meaning 1 carat = 100 cents.


Exceptional white or D being the most expensive to Z being the least expensive because of the tint of yellow-ish on the stone. D-F is the most expensive category and as you keep moving forward towards Z the price keeps reducing because the diamond clarity is not so good. In India, K L M N are the most common in Delhi, while D E F is most common in Chennai which are better quality. So make sure to ask your jeweller what’s the colour category of the diamond that you’re paying for and also for certification as well.


When it comes to pricing, round is the most expensive and emerald cut is the least expensive. Round cut is followed by marquise then heart, pear, oval, princess, cushion, asscher, radiant and lastly emerald. All this information is vital so that you can get a 1-carat diamond for anywhere between Rs,.80,000 to as high as 5 lakh. The price depends on the quality of the diamond you choose.

The cheaper 1 carat diamond is the more you’re sacrificing on the color, cut and clarity of the diamond.

One thing that you must keep in mind is the certification while buying a  diamond. Make sure that the diamond you’re shopping for should be certified by an authentic agency. The two agencies are GIA and Indian agency. Certification will ensure its resale value and you can always trade up your diamond much more easily if it is certified.

Last Words:

I hope this crash course comes handy to you when looking for the perfect couple ring. Diamonds are surely a girl’s best friend irrespective of their size and when it comes to the couple ring, it needs to be perfect because this is one thing that is going to stay forever! Happy ring shopping to you! Don’t forget to browse our gorgeous couple ring collection!

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