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Top 6 Gold Mangalsutra Design You Can Wear Daily and in Office too

Gold Mangalsutras are vital and hold a lot of feelings for many Indian ladies; they consider them to be a sacred and devout ornament. A lady can never neglect this piece of jewellery. They display it with delight even with western outfits, having said that we should see a portion of the gold mangalsutra designs which you can add to your own wedding collection of jewellery.

Here is our collection of top Gold Mangalsutras Designs that you can wear daily, at parties and even at the office too.

#1. Golden Orb Mangalsutra

With the coming of new jewellery designers, there has been a ton of testing in Mangalsutra design. Golden Orb is verification that ladies nowadays prefer to mix traditional angles with a contemporary style. The traditional triple-stranded turned to gold and dark beads are captured with glimmering even brilliant golden orbs on both sides. This design can go well with both Indian and western wear.

#2. Stylish Gold & Diamond Mangalsutra

Nowadays, jewellers have started selling simple gold & diamond jewellery which looks elegant, simple and very bombastic. They are mostly 22k Gold and come in lower weight that helps in decreasing the price of the jewellery. Don’t assume that there are diamonds in Mangalsutra, it will get expensive.

Carry this mangalsutra with your saree during the day, and keep it on while you prepare to go out around evening time, in your dark blue gown dress with a couple of studs.

#3. A double hook Mangalsutra

This twofold hook gold mangalsutra is reflective, bringing back the recollections of the 60s and the 70s. The wide rubies and motifs on either side leave a memory of a past style which is exceptionally important in the present day as well. Decorate this in the entirety of your merriments to convey traditional energy.

#4. Layered Mangalsutra

These types of mangalsutra come in multiple layers; sometimes three, four or even 5 too. It has the craftsmanship of gold haram and Nallapusalu. This excellence has an old-style illustrious touch that one shouldn’t miss. The customary Rani Haar is upgraded to fit the latest mangalsutra styles. Style it with your fusion wear in any type of ethnic party where you need to leave a hint of your style.

#5. Geometric Beauty Mangalsutra

Probably the best mangalsutra design that you won’t want to take off your neck. This magnificence is called a geometrical mangalsutra piece. Heavenly and shining this mangal sutra can be embellished on your office wear for that conference on your formals or to a merry festival you are going to in the terrific Indian wear. It is remarkable, mode and a high style decoration.

#6. The Lightweight Mangalsutra

We have come up with a range of Mangalsutras under 5 gms that are lightweight, simple yet stylish gold mangalsutra. It is certainly an unquestionable buy for people who have less budget. The delicacy of such mangal sutras makes it great to match on Indo-western, ethnic and western wear as well. It has a blend of ruby, emerald and black beads making it a must buy.
To sum up:
Our expert designers can help you find the right traditional as well as western Mangalsutras that are modern, classic, and have the potential to enhance your charm.

We can customize any design that has gotten your attention and redo it according to your favourite style.

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