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The 5 Most Timeless Solitaire Ring Styles

The 5 Most Timeless Solitaire Ring Styles


Diamonds are priceless! They don't claim it for nothing. There is something unique, arduous and extravagant about that coal piece that turns into a diamond. 

And even more priceless is that diamond cut which steals your glance, and you are readily drawn to buy it.

Engagement ring shopping can be an onerous task to find that one perfect ring made for you.

Engagement ring setting style matters the most in determining whether that ring suits your taste and style.

The Solitaire ring is precisely priceless because it has one classic diamond arrangement. 

Know your Diamond Solitaire

Simply put, a Diamond Solitaire is any diamond setting that has just one diamond set up and no other diamond on the centre or shank of the ring.

Apart from the ring style, the diamond solitaire can also be an earring, necklace, or other jewellery. 

The trend is what we follow, and before you start scrolling the internet, know the latest trend here and now. The newest solitaire engagement ring trends wrap simplicity and bold designs together to make what we call- a classic, timeless Solitaire engagement ring.

Needless to worry, we have got you covered. Here's a list of the five most timeless Solitaire Ring styles that are always the talk of the town amidst the rise and wane of the Solitaire ring trends.

  • Cathedral Solitaire Style
  • The cathedral solitaire setting is also known as a high profile setting, mainly because it has an arched shape resembling the roof of a cathedral. This makes the ring appear floating above the band.

  •  Split Shank Solitaire Style
  • This solitaire setting splits into two to reach the centre stone, making it look extravagant and priceless. The centre diamond stands out with this type of arrangement.

  • Four & six-prong solitaire style
  • In a solitaire setting, the middle precious stone or gemstone is held set up by a few tiny prongs that stretch out from the band. The most well-known designs are four and six prongs. 

  • Knife-edge solitaire style
  • This type of setting has edges that structure a point in the middle of the band, giving it a pointier and more precise appearance that causes one to notice the precious middle stone.

  • Tiffany solitaire style
  • The Tiffany setting utilizes a blade edge, just as a six-prong plan with light prongs that uncover however much of the jewel as could reasonably be expected, giving it the most grounded conceivable shimmer.

    The Solitaire diamonds are a cut above

    Apart from these priceless ring setting styles, you must ensure that the diamonds are easy to maintain and perfectly fits your lifestyle. 

    Your engagement ring deserves to be perfect in every way. Here are a few advantages to choosing a solitaire ring before any other.

    1. The solitaire arrangement helps increase the brilliance of your ring since it allows maximum light to pass through it.
    2. The solitaire style arrangement makes the diamond elevated, which makes it noticeable and eminent.
    3. Solitaire rings are sleek and stylish in look
    4. They don't snag on clothes or other materials
    5. A solitaire ring arrangement can support and endorse other varying diamond shapes and sizes.
    6. Solitaire settings can be easily maintained and worn on any occasion.
    7. Most importantly, they give a timeless look.

    Final thoughts: Your engagement day is the most important day of your life, and equally crucial is your engagement ring. Buying an ultimate solitaire engagement ring that exhibits universal appeal and becomes the hallmark of your love could get daunting. But with these solitaire styles mentioned earlier, you can buy priceless diamonds that are tailored to your lifestyle.