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Simple Engagement Ring for your lady love!

Suppose you are on a romantic date with your heart’s queen. She looks stunning. You have been eagerly waiting for this very moment to adorn her finger with a token of your love. Surely what you want is an engagement ring, but there are so many designs available that it has become impossible to opt for one for gracing your love. We will help you in choosing the right design according to the taste and style. Following designs can help you in this regard:


  • Solitaire Ring:

The Solitaire ring has a central diamond that is embedded in the ring with claws and prongs. As the name "Solitaire" there is only one diamond on the ring. A traditional style that is centuries old. If she likes to keep things simple yet elegant then surely it is the one for you.


  • Cluster Ring:

A cluster ring has multiple small diamonds or gems rather than one. As small diamonds cost less, they can be an excellent choice without blowing your pocket. This design stands out as more glittering carbon pieces reflect more light creating an eye-catching effect. It is classic and fancy at the same time, matching the feminist tendency of your love.


  • Pave Rings:

Pave rings can add a unique twist to your special moment. These rings have small diamonds or gems that are embedded on the shanks (in addition to large central pieces) that produce a regal effect. As the whole ring is embellished with diamonds, it shines in the light, symbolizing eternal love. It looks splendid in the hand and even better when your lady is wearing it.


  • Halo Ring:

The Halo ring is very similar to the pave ring design. In this design, smaller diamonds on the shanks are pointed in such a way that they reflect all the light toward the central piece. This results in an exquisite look, making a clumsy gem more attractive and sparkling. It can also be a great choice if you are looking for inexpensive rings. Halo rings come in different varieties such as the use of contrasting gems (other than diamonds) and change in the shape of the central piece.


  • Split Shank Ring:

It is a bit unusual and not liked by everyone. If your future wife has a maverick attitude, she will surely fall for it. In this type, the shanks of the ring divide close to the central stone. These divided bands do not reconcile but are attached with stone at borders. The shanks can also be paved with gems or diamonds depending upon the contrast to enhance the looks.


  • Bezel Ring:

If you find your partner a little irresponsible about valuables, then you must go for bezel rings. These rings have metal bordering the central gem or diamond, making it nearly impossible for the diamond to fall out. This also mitigates the risk of scratching and does not require extra care.


  • Flush Rings:

Flush rings have stones forged in the band. These gems do not protrude out. This subtle design finds praise among interactive people with busy days. As the gems are not peeking out of the ring, they don’t hinder any office or home chore. Flush rings are most popular among men and a perfect way to propose to your charming prince.


  • 2 and 3 stoned Rings:

Multiple diamonds make rings subtle and attractive. Instead of one huge chunk of carbon, these rings have 2 or 3 relatively smaller diamonds. If your mistress loves diamonds and wants a beefy ring, then surely it is going to be a wonderful moment. These rings may appear vintage at first glance, but they are trendy and have a special buzz about them in certain sections of society.


  • Swirl Rings:

Swirl rings are an unconventional ring type. These have 2 shanks that never meet each other rather they swirl around the central gem piece. This unique design symbolizes two shanks as hands of both partners and central gems as the love of their life. Romantic couples have a huge craving for these types of rings.


  • Colored Stone Rings:

Colored stones have special liking among flamboyant and gaudy people. These rings have different shades of colors with unique contrast. For contrast, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are dipped in the shanks. Albeit their vintage looks, they are very popular and high in demand.


  • Wrap Around Rings:

These have unique, overdramatic, and modern make-up. These rings are not for everyone and require rebellious fashion sense and a dandy outlook. Wrap-around rings have a serpentine-shaped band with diamonds on the edge. Not for everyone these rings have found their way into the market attracting celebrities and trendsetters.

Humans have always sought a way to express their love. From ancient civilianization to the contemporary world rings have served their purpose well. Indeed, human love has always found solace after its expression and rings continue to be the very first gestures.