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Latest Diamond Jewellery Designs in 2021

After a long year of hibernation, it is finally time to do some shopping. Last year was a bit of a bumpy ride with people keeping their wallets closed. But now, as things improve, we are constantly witnessing men and women wandering in jewelry shops with their credit cards out.

Whether you are attending a wedding ceremony or a formal function, there is nothing better than to compliment your outfit with glittering stones. Looking spectacular and leaving an impression is a wish in everyone’s heart. We are going to describe some of the latest and trendy diamond jewelry designs that are gonna make your corrivals even more jaundiced.

  • Diamond Rings:

Instead of traditional designs, the 21st century demands uniqueness and innovation. Luckily, evolution has enabled us to move with time. Irrespective of solitaire and bezel rings worn in the past; wraparound, serpentine, and halo rings are used as icing on the cake for engagements, birthdays, and other special occasions.


  • Diamond Chains:

Diamond chains are neither cheap nor durable. Apart from their stunning looks, they can be a great burden on your finances. They can be an excellent replacement for necklaces and can be worn with a variety of outfits. Their sleek design and beautiful composition have presented them as great gifts. There is no doubt about their popularity as they find a spot in our list.


  • Diamond Necklaces:

The beauty of a diamond necklace can only be matched by Aphrodite. Necklaces are one of the most beautiful and exquisite pieces of jewelry and the beauty of a necklace culminates with real diamonds. Worn from ancient times, diamond neckbands have kept their popularity even in today’s world. Their regal appearance and sparkling look make them the most expensive piece on our list.


  • Diamond Earrings:

Worn both by men and women, they accompany the jewelry and the outfit in spectacular fashion. Indeed, no women's outfit is considered complete with proper earrings. With unprecedented popularity among men, they enhance the beauty of the face. Their discrete varieties and styles impress everyone. Being cheaper than diamond chains and necklaces, they can be a sublime low-budget gift.


  • Diamond Waistbands:

Brides have flaunted gold and silver waistbands for decades on their weddings. Waistbands are an impressive piece of jewelry that are tied around the waist. Finally, diamonds have caught up to the precious metal and in recent times, we are noticing a sudden increase in diamond waistbands. Waistbands are more popular among Indian brides, but their wonderful looks have surely sent shockwaves across the entire world.


  • Diamond Bangles:

Bangles have been the culture of the subcontinent for centuries. Traditionally, bangles were composed of gold. Traditional gold bangles were beefy and presented an ugly look. Modern designs made them more presentable and attractive. But the trends have been changing from gold to diamond, just like the waistband. Instead of wearing heavy gold bangles, brides are shifting toward lighter and sparkling diamond bangles. Diamonds used in wrist bands give a subtle and elegant look. With a better appearance, diamonds in bangles have become the first choice for brides and brides to be.


  • Round cut Diamond Jewelry:

According to surveys, round diamonds have the highest demand among other cuts. Resultantly, round diamonds are used in all pieces of jewelry. This has created an opportunity for the jewelers. Since people like round cuts, most jewelers make new designs with round diamonds. This makes them easy to market and trade.


  • Diamond jewelry with sapphires and emeralds:

To create a contrast, diamonds are occasionally used with sapphires and diamonds. Particularly in the case of neck bands and necklaces, sapphires present an eye-catching combination with diamonds. Colored gems are much cheaper than diamonds and make the jewelry more affordable and better connected to colored outfits.

Above mentioned are the trending designs that are popular in the world. But equally important is to understand your taste and style. There are millions of designs in the market and it is imperative that you select the design that suits your personality.