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How to Find Your Perfect Ring Size, From Home!

When you find the right ring but not the perfect ring size, it’s a huge let down. It’s really aggravating not to know your own ring size after all of your browsing in so many stores and online websites. But don’t worry, we’re here to assist you.


After reading the complete blog, you’ll have an excellent idea of your perfect ring size.


First things first, know which finger the ring will go in. This step is very, very important. If you imagine your ring going on your index finger but assume that all sizes are approximately the same, you are wrong. And just to be safe, measure all of your fingers and know the size for each, just in case. 


Then we come down to the material of the ring. What metal or material it is made of; how malleable and durable that material is. This might not sound necessary but it absolutely is. If the material is easily malleable, then it will quickly mould into shape according to your finger but if it is real gold or something like that, of stiff material, then you will have to carefully measure your finger so that it is comfortable around the girth of your finger.


Some steps that you can do at the comfort of your home to get that perfect ring size includes the following:


  1. Tie some floss around your finger:


The easiest and first thing that comes to mind when trying to measure your ring size! Tie the floss at the base of your finger. Don’t tie it too tightly or too loosely, you should be able to move the tied piece of floss up and down your finger without much effort and the floss shouldn’t harm your finger either. When you have tied it correctly, mark with a pen the end of the floss and then untie it. Measure the length of the floss against a ruler, preferably in millimetres (or you can just convert centimetres into millimetres) and then compare it to a ring size chart that you can find online easily, to know what your ring size is. Just to be safe, double take and check twice before concluding your ring size.


  1. Use a preowned ring:


This one is quick and done before you know it. Pick a ring that you already have and that fits you perfectly, print out a correct ring size chart and simply place your ring on the sizes on the chart till you find the size that is the same as your ring. And there you go, that’s your correct ring size! Now this is a great idea if you want to know your partner’s correct ring size for a proposal. You obviously want to surprise them and since you cannot ‘guess’ the right size for an engagement ring, you can always trace the outline of a preowned ring of your partner and have the jeweller find the size so that it fits in your partner’s ring finger perfectly!


  1. Get a ring sizer:


If you want your ring size venture to be hassle free, just get a ring size online and you’ll be done with it before you know it! If, for some reason you are not able to get the ring size, you can print it out also! You can find the cut-outs and moulds for a ring size online. So print it (preferably on a hard or stiff paper) and cut the outlines and follow the same procedure you would with an actual ring sizer.


  1. Fix the ring sizer in your finger and adjust it till you feel comfortable with it. It’s basically a ring only! And when you’re done with the adjustments, check the units and compare with a ring size chart to find your ring size correctly. 




Always while measuring your finger, remember that you do not want the ring to choke your finger, nor do you want it to slip out so take your time to figure out which girth and grip and material feels right for you. 


And then you will have your ring size correctly and will never have to go through the trouble of not being able to wear the right ring or having the fear that your ring might just slip out of your fingers.