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Best Jewellery designs below 30-50K

The understanding of Jewelry of today’s women isn’t quite the same as the remainder of the generation of ladies. Valuable Jewelry for a really long time has been labelled to various things, for example, wealth & esteem, luxury and investment purposes etc.

However, millennial people don't have any such objectives in purchasing Jewelry. The best objective they have is to take the path of least resistance, i.e., be in fashion, being trendy; they don't see Jewelry as a medium of showing wealth but for self-expression, for the purpose of showing their true self and for just prettying oneself.

Here we have created a list of top jewellery designs that you can buy under ₹50,000.

Gold Chain and Pendants

Women often complain that there are fewer choices for gifting men, they tend to forget that an extremely classy, macho gold chain for men can do wonders. You can either purchase for yourself or present it to your friends and family.

On our website, you would now be able to see a variety of 10gms or more gold chain designs for men with the cost as well. Such chains are simple yet elegant, can be utilized for daily wear as well as party wear starting at Rs. 28,000.

Diamond Earrings

At Amoya, we have got the latest diamond earrings designs that can take our whole attire to the next level this new year. They are comfortable, trendy, graceful to enhance your focus on Indian and western wear as well. Our Swastik Shubham gives that ideal completion to the traditional jewellery you’re looking for. You can buy them at a 10% instant discount only for Rs. 31,367.00 from our website.

Gold Bracelet

Your wrists can’t carry bangles in winter as they can get stuck into your sweater or pullover. That is why we have brought a dazzling Aahana Gold Bracelet for a smooth appeal to your outfit. You can wear this at any festival or even a simple dine-out with your friends and family. The price is quite affordable at Rs. 22,433.00 only.

Diamond Pendant Set

Diamond pendant sets are one more dear jewellery type to look for, a necessity for spoiling yourself. The collection here accompanies a smooth gold chain and diamond pendant, which went with a beautiful pair of classic earrings. They work out in an amazing way for each event and clothing, for those not-so-casual dates, to energy-filled Mondays, from your shopping binges with best friends to temple visits with family. A diamond pendant will sparkle everything. The prices range between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000.

Classic White Diamond Rings

At Amolya, we bring you the latest collection of diamond rings that have a grade A finish and marvellous quality. You can carry these rings with your ethnic outfit or a definitive black gown for your office party.

The rates of the diamond rings start from Rs.30,400 rupees at a weight range of 2.47 gm which can go up to 2,32,000 rupees.

To sum up:

For the one who plays many parts; mother, spouse, sister, leader and the many caps you embellish, you deserve the best.

Having said this, here is each lady's weakness, where hearts liquefy and eyes shimmer going totally gaga; a huge collection of diamond jewellery.

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