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A Guide for How to Measure Your Engagement Ring Size at Home

In our everyday life, there are certain events that hold an extremely special place in our hearts. Engagement with the better half or marriage is one such event or occasion, for which people wait for so many years. The essence of these occasions is ever embedded in the hearts and minds of people. To make an event like that of an engagement ceremony of two people special, there are innumerable arrangements that should be made. These help in making the event memorable and guide the process towards success. These days, a diamond ring does a fabulous job in making any engagement ceremony memorable. Diamond wedding rings for women do wonders to how an individual looks in that particular ceremony.

With the help of the internet and the same, reaching in every corner of the world, it has become extremely easy for people to carry out every activity without any hassle. Everything has shifted to the online mode, giving way to a plethora of activities that could be carried out in the easiest manner. Starting from shopping for clothes to jewellery, each aspect has got wings to flourish. Especially, in this ongoing Pandemic situation when there are numerous lockdown situations, it often becomes difficult to go out and purchase the required items. In this case, the online mode is a blessing for each one of us.

Engagement rings for women should fit the finger the right way. For assuring this, one needs to give the exact size without any mistake in measuring the same. An ideal ring would be the one with the right fit, not too tight or loose. It is crucial for the person wearing it to feel comfortable due to the snug fit. As we know, any jewellery, be it diamond or gold is extremely precious, so one should make sure that the ring does not easily fall off from the finger.

Ways of Measuring the Ring Size at Home

Before getting into the details of the ways in which an individual can measure their ring size at home for online purchase of the same, it is important to know a certain measurement trait. In the United States, the rings follow a set pattern of the scale of numbers as well as half-numbers, according to which a person may decide the size of their rings. Designer diamond jewellery is available online at great prices in every size. So, here is the list of ways by which measuring ring size at home becomes easy.


  1. To begin with, all of us have existing rings in our jewellery boxes which could be of immense help in deciding the size of the new ring. Placing one such ring on the ring chart can give a clear picture of the size of the new ring. The chart will show circles of every size. So, keep placing the ring on all the circles to determine the ring circumference of your finger.
  2. In recent times, with so many innovations taking place, one would find ring-sizers in the marketplace. So, with the help of one of these, measuring the ring size becomes extremely easy as well as accurate. The ring measuring tools can be of two types. One is like a measuring tape and the other is a keyring lined with gradients.
  3. The last method and the most common one is using a string to measure the ring size. One can easily get a fair idea of the ring size with the help of a string by wrapping it around the finger. For this, a ruler and pen are required, so that it becomes easy to note down the measurements quickly.

Therefore, these are some of the easiest as well as efficient ways of measuring the size of a ring at home. It is recommended that one should take the measurements more than once, just to reassure the size.

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Engagements are special events of life, the memories of which are cherished throughout. This ceremony is incomplete without the perfect ring for the better half. However, with the innovation in technology and online shopping becoming prosperous in recent years, it is better to place your orders for the best diamond rings online. Therefore, this article will give a thorough insight to the readers about how a person can measure their ring size at home with much ease. Even if you like a design online and going out seems impossible at the moment, checking the ring size at home is possible and that too, accurately so.