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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Get the Perfect Anniversary Ring

Anniversary rings are exchanged to celebrate the beautiful moments the couple has shared. They are gifted to remember the bittersweet experiences the couple has faced together. They are not just metallic bands but they carry pure emotions and feelings. They are exchanged to appreciate each other’s sacrifices, duties and responsibilities handled by each other. Isn’t it all true?


While purchasing the anniversary ring it is essential that the choice of ring symbolizes the couple’s preferences, likings and most importantly their utmost love. It is also a symbol of a renewed commitment to the relationship. 


Number of stones


The customer must decide whether they prefer a single stone ring, two stones or cluster rings. Those who want a dashing and appealing sparkle of the stone, must buy a single stone ring. Some also prefer buying a ring with tiny stones spread all across the band. 


Choosing the most appropriate stone/metal:


Those who are fond of coloured stones must prefer purchasing blue sapphires or rubies. To get the most of ruby jewellery, one can mix it with silver or yellow gold. Emeralds and pink and red gold are also in fashion these days. Emerald is a distinctive jewel worth celebrating anniversary celebrations. Its appealing green colour is the secret ingredient to the marvelous effect of the ring set. 


One can always prefer silver jewellery and customize it as per requirements. Silver jewellery is quite affordable and one can find several designs in silver as much as in any other metal. Silver jewellery is the latest trend right now!


One can even customize the anniversary ring and mix different elements to create a unique and interesting look. Mixing diamonds and pearls or mixing silver and platinum are some classic elements that can be mixed to give an elegant look. Both natural and cultivated pearls work well with diamonds and rose gold. Some people refrain from combining platinum with other metals as they feel that platinum is the purest of all metals and is preferred to remain by itself. Platinum has a greater density and is significantly more expensive than other elements.  


Diamonds have always been one of the favourite choices of most couples. One can cut diamonds in different shapes and create a look with a unique shape, tons of sparkle and an edgy look that stands out. A studded band embedded with a combination of different coloured diamonds or gemstones work well. 


Titanium is light in weight and is quite durable thus is preferred by those who want to buy rings for daily wear. White gold is a colour that finds an easy fit into anyone’s wardrobe. 


Vintage vs Modern rings 


Vintage and modern diamond rings differ in the way they are cut. The lustre, beauty and sparkle differ according to the cuts made in the diamonds. Modern diamonds are cut in a way that increases their light return as much as possible. Vintage diamond rings are cut in a way to increase the warmth of the ring. 


Vintage rings are more likely to be handcrafted whereas modern rings are widely manufactured. Halo or trilogy rings are few examples of modern anniversary rings. 


Always buy certified jewellery 


One should buy jewel pieces that are certified by various reputed agencies and laboratories. One should be well aware of the quality of stones, their cut and clarity. Diamonds cut accurately look appealing and stunning. Diamonds cut in rough angles and with improper measurements degrade the overall look of the piece. One must carefully analyze the weight and carat size of the metals before making the deal. 


Ring setting


One must also focus on engagement bands along with focusing on centre stone. Diamond stones go pretty well along with a prong setting. The prong setting elevates the diamond and makes it more prominent and noticed. 


  • Tiffany setting supports a variety of diamond shapes and carat sizes. 
  • Channel setting protects the stone from external wear and tear. 
  • The cathedral setting offers an eye-catching design and adds volume to the ring. 
  • A cluster setting is perfect for embedding cluster stones to make up a large surface area and volume. It can be moulded to form distinct shapes too. 
  • Split-shank setting offers additional surface area to add complementary side stones. 


The Bottom Line:


Thus anniversary bands must be purchased according to the decided gemstones/metals. The metal must complement the overall look of the ring and should be well-supported by the setting. 


A careful balance of quality, style and affordability is essential before purchasing the set of anniversary bands.