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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying (Or Selling) A Black Diamond Ring

Black diamonds are something you would wonder whether to buy or not. It is something unique and has a dramatic beauty. All kinds of women adore the sophistication and edginess of black engagement rings, from influencers like Carrie Bradshaw to revolutionaries like Carmen Electra! Many individuals are already familiar with the 4C’s of diamond (cut, clarity, color and carat weight.) Black diamonds have the same aspects too. 

Most of you would wonder what exactly is a black diamond ring? And if you’re fascinated by it’s look, then you probably would be wondering- How to pick the right black diamond? 

What is Black Diamond Ring? 

A black diamond ring consists of a black colored diamond center surrounded by small white diamonds. Now why black? Because it is unique, it is a fancy diamond ring. People who love to try something new, who love trendy stuff and fashionable stuff opt for a black diamond ring.

Black diamonds do sparkle but not like the colorless diamonds because black diamonds aren’t see through. As a result, instead of a refractive firework shimmer, these black diamonds have a metallic sheen. Black diamonds are real and rare color diamonds that are of different types such as natural black diamond, lab created black stone and treated black color diamonds.

Black diamonds do occur naturally on ‘Mother Earth’ but they are very rare! Black diamonds have an abundance of carbon inclusions such as pyrite, graphite or hematite! Black diamonds are said to be colorless diamonds with a lot of birthmarks. These birthmarks look like tiny clusters of small black tiny dots and webs called ‘clouds’ which turn black and hence they become black diamonds.  

Black diamonds as engagement rings:

Black diamonds are an unusual choice for engagement rings, but if you pull it off, you'll be able to demonstrate a distinct sense of style combined with elegance just like Carmen Electra and tattoo artist Kat Von D or when Mr, Big gave Carrie a 5 ct black diamond engagment ring at the end of the 2010 movie Sex in the City 2.

Types of black diamond stone:

Black diamonds come in two different types:

  • Natural black diamonds and
  • Diamonds that are treated to become black.

Natural stones are more valuable and desirable compared to the treated ones. Treated diamonds have a lot of fractures and inclusions and hence they become less valuable. They look dull grey in appearance. Mostly these kinds of diamonds are used for industrial purpose.