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20 Latest Diamond Earrings Designs For Working Women

Everyone knows the slogan, “Diamonds are the best friends of women.” Historically males used to give their female counterparts expensive jewellery made of gold and diamonds as a symbol of their eternal love and affection. But with the changing era, where women are earning and are self-dependent, they buy exquisite pieces through their labour.

Diamonds and precious gemstones, today have become a new symbol of women’s social and economic freedom. Educated women are aware of how to invest their hard-earned labour most effectively and productively. To celebrate big milestones and achievements, women give themselves earrings, bracelets, rings and other pieces made of diamond and gold. Many companies and organizations also offer big discounts and offers to female customers on special occasions.

For daily wear jewellery, women should opt for pieces that are comfortable, simple and elegant at the same time. Designs should be classy with intricate details. Some beautiful designs for working women are listed below:


  • Classic stud earrings:

    The studs are available in different colours and sizes, thus women have an enormous variety to choose from.

    • Diamond earrings in heart-shaped:

      Heart-shaped earrings are fancy and simple at the same time. They are quite small in size, making them one of the favourite choices of working women.

      • Earrings with a floral design:

      Earrings shaped in floral designs, classic leaves, chic leaves pattern floral navratna and butterfly designs have a separate fan base amongst modern working women and girls.

      • Geometrically designed earrings:

      Earrings in square, oval or rectangular cuts are available in different sizes and colours. Ludo shaped earrings, traditional floral drop earrings are gaining momentum in the market gradually.

      • Diamond earrings with pearl hoops:

      The pearl hanging at the bottom of the earring gives it a little volume and looks perfect with traditional and modern attires.

      • Diamond hoop earrings:

      Be it traditional floral hoop earrings or regal hoop earrings or floral hoop earrings, they have a little volume and are best for women who are not fond of wearing tiny earrings.

      • Traditional seven stone diamond earrings:

      One of the most fondly worn designs by women, the seven stone design is never out of style.

      Diamond earring with sapphire/ruby stud embedded in them is one of the best varieties available for women who do not prefer only diamond in their earrings. The colour combination of ruby with diamonds adds to the glitter and aura of earrings.

      • Traditional nakshatra diamond and white gold studded earrings:

      This traditional earring design is apt for wearing at functions, rituals and other gatherings. This design has a touch of classic culture and diamond adds freshness to this piece.

      • Single stone contemporary diamond stud earring:

      The single stone embedded in the earring outlined with diamond or gold is a perfect example of the phrase, “Perfectionism lies in simple designs.”

      • Diamond earrings with a solitaire touch:

      Solitaire earrings with a diamond embedded or vice versa is preferred by working women. The earring is easy to carry and flaunt. The piece beautifies the beauty of the one wearing it.

      • Diamond circle earrings:

      These circular shaped earrings go well along with both Indian and western attires. These can be opted by young girls to wear at any formal occasion.

      • Two diamond plain stud earrings:

      Short drop diamond earrings with blue enamel hanging at the bottom- This particular set can be paired up with western attires and add beauty to the overall look.

      • Two stone crossover diamond earrings:
      • 4 diamond square earrings:

      4 diamond square stud earrings is the most common and compact design available for working women.

      • The stella diamond earrings:

      Stella is a diamond earring that is mounted with a princess cut diamond. This adds a modern and edgy look.

      • The roman twist diamond earrings:

      These earrings are available in different metal colours and metal qualities and can be customized accordingly.

      • The chevy/half heart shaped earrings:

      These half heart shaped earrings can be opted by men to surprise their female counterparts on special occasions. These are light to wear and symbolize modernity with modesty.

      • The sunflower shaped earrings:

      Earrings cut in sunflower design are available in different sizes and can be customized by customers according to their preferences. They can customize the jewellery by embedding stones of different colours and metals.

      The market is brimming with different designs, styles, shapes and a variety of earrings. Women have a wide variety of earrings to choose from. Purchasing diamonds involves a huge amount of investment, effort and time. Thus women must choose the best possible piece from the variety available.